Vintage Friday

Thrifting has become a hobby of mine and I can't stop. It's a hit or miss when I go, but lately I've been finding the cutest things. There are so many trends that I want to try out but unfortunately, my wallet doesn't always allow me to make these purchases. Fortunately, you don't need to spend a fortune try out trends. You just have to have a lot of patience to go through racks and racks of clothing. I browse mainstream brands like Forever21 and Zara and see what they sell to give me an idea on what trends I want to try out. I also get inspiration from Pinterest and other bloggers. A lot of people may not like the idea of second hand clothing, but it's never really bothered me. I always examine the pieces before taking them home to prevent thrifting catastrophes. I eyeball them for stains, pill balls, or any signs of damage to ensure that it's still in good shape. Most importantly, I always make sure that it's clean and odor free before I make the purchase, otherwise it's not worth the purchase.

All the pieces I purchased here looked like they were in great condition.There were even tags on some of them! Talk about a win! 
Jacket: French Connection 
Loved this color and have been searching for the perfect mustard jacket. This one is a heavy material so it will be perfect for winter...I live in Edmonton so winter is always just around the corner. 
Blazer: Silence and Noise (Urban Outfitters)
I can never have enough blazers. 
Blazer: Christian Dior
Yep, this one is my favourite purchase probably because of the color and it's Christian Dior. The thrifting gods were definetely with me the day I purchased this.
Skirt: Joseph Ribkoff
Been in search for bandage skirts as they are my favourite type of skirt to wear. They are flattering on my body type and love wearing them with blouses or crop tops! This was a little big on me but the material is made of such great quality that I don't mind just sewing it to fit me.
Denim shirt: Jcrew
Last but not least, a denim shirt. Just because this girl can never have enough denim in her life. 

I enjoyed treasure hunting for these pieces and hope I inspired some of you. 


Love to hear from you!