I'm With The Band


Jeans and Necklace: Zara
Jacket: Jcrew Factory (online exclusive)
This may be odd to some people, but I sometimes find myself browsing through menswear. Especially at The Gap, they have the comfiest graphic band tees at such an affordable price. I love pairing them with ripped jeans or a pencil skirt with prints. In my opinion, you can wear a graphic, grungy tee and still be able to dress it up with the right accessories and shoes. 
It's still a little cold to be running errands with some cute open toe heels so I opted for some little booties this day. Adding a statement necklace and a camel colored jacket just added the right touch for a weekend outfit.


  1. Casual + chic, love the pop of color!


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  3. Super cute casual chic look, love it!

  4. Awesome look, it all goes together just beautifully

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