For one of my best friend's birthday, I wanted to gift her something a little more sentimental. I browsed through Pinterest looking for a DIY gift and came across so many projects for Instagram lovers. Everything from phone cases, canvas, coasters to wrapping papers. I decided on a simple framed photos to feature her beauty along wit her makeup skills. :)

What I used:
Photos you want to frame 

Frame 18"x22" (Target)

Spray Paint (Michaels) - just because I love metallics 

Scissors/paper trimmer 

Tape or glue - to keep the images in place

The best way to start this project is to choose a frame size. I had sized everything in Illustrator to fit into the frame, mine was 4"x4", equally spaced. To trim the photos, I suggest using a Paper cutters to achieve straight lines. I didn't exactly cut it with skill as I cut around them with scissors and went to town. It never occurred to me that I could print it all together as a poster instead of cutting it into boxes the way I did. So, if you don't have Illustrator, you can use programs like Posterdog to print out the pictures. You can choose the size you want the poster to be in that program. 

This was a lot of fun to create and I can't wait to try other Instagram projects! If you want to see other photos of my friend Denean, check her out on instagram @deneandale. She also has a Youtube channel where you can 
check out how she creates her makeup looks that's featured in these photos. 

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