Intro and OOTD

This is it! Procastination definetely got the best of me this time. I have always wanted to share my love for beauty and fashion but always had excuses not to. So here I am today, fired up and ready to go! This may not be for everybody but that's ok! This is something I just truly enjoy doing for myself.

Youtube has been a big part of my inspiration for everything. Mostly due to all the hundreds of girls who are not afraid to express themselves with makeup and fashion through their pictures and videos. Not to mention in front of millions of people. I just love everything from shopping haul videos, to outfit of the day, to what's in my bag..It gives me adrenaline. haha. Instagram is slowly growing on me so show some love on my lonely page and follow me. :)

Anyway, I hope that you all enjoy my upcoming blogs and videos. Leave some feedback and don't forget to follow!

Here's a sneak peek of photos that me and my husband played around with this morning. We only took a few and these are just my two favourites. We're still getting used to the camera so bare with us. Enjoy!

Top: Winners
 Shoes: H&M
Bracelet: The Bay 

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