Keep Calm & Stache On - Kidecals

 As a lover of DIY's, I was pretty excited when I received these decals from Kidecals.
I immediately thought of a "stache" themed party when I received these. Sadly, this didn't happen, but I did put them to use and applied them on some of my glassware. My favorite one has to be the Starbucks cup I picked up from a thrift store. I use it to store my makeup brushes and adds as a decoration on my vanity. I also put them through the test in the dishwasher for the sake of this review and they're definitely durable and machine washable (Makes me wonder what they're made of).  

If "staching" is not your thing, they also have everything from personalized labels to wall decals in different designs. Whatever you decide on, just warning you, they are addicting. I started with one decal on each glass and next thing you know, I'm double "staching" everything.

They were kind enough to give out a 15% discount code and free shipping (US residents). Type "Fashion" at check out and make sure to leave a comment letting me know what you chose. Happy decal-ing! 

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