Pretty in Pink - April 2013

Aside from clothes, I like to purchase beauty treats once in awhile. I have to admit that sometimes I do get suckered into buying products that aren't really a part of my necessities. I watch a ton of Youtubers beauty and fashion gurus so naturally, that's where I get some of my purchase inspirations! hehe.
I have heard of many monthly beauty subscriptions so I thought this would be the best way to learn about products! If you haven't heard about the Ipsy Glam bags, you have to check them out! I just received my first beauty glam bag and I gotta say that I'm pretty excited. This was founded by one of my favourite Youtube Vloggers, Michelle Phan, so ofcourse I had to try it. For $10/ month ($15 if you live in Canada), you get some beauty products in a super cute makeup bag. I know there are already a ton of reviews out there for these products but thought I'd add mine to the pile! Hope you enjoy!

Beach Please
I received Beach Please and I gotta say that I am pretty content with the color. A little goes a long way and also works as a highlighter/ illuminater! I feel like this would be an even better color for the summer when I get more tanned. I think this is originally $15 so I feel like I got my moneys worth for this month! I have been using this non stop just on my cheekbones to give me a glow/highlight!

Two Cosmetics | Duo Eyeshadow
I was hoping for the Mineral eyeshadow because I try to keep away from pinks when it comes to eyeshadows. For those who love pink eyeshadows, I gotta say that the color pay off is amazing.I may have to see other's opinion about this one and see how they use it with other colors. I gotta say, I'm not exactly an expert when it comes to applying eyeshadow. :S

Big Sexy Hair - Powder Texturizer
I'm not really sure how I feel about this one either because of the texture it leaves in my hair afterwards. It almost feels waxy to me but I could be using it all wrong. Let me know what you think of this if you've received it!

Miss Professional Nail, Station Nail Lacquer in "Of Corset I'll Call You"
I LOVE this color so much! I'm a big fan of the ballerina pink when it comes to nails. It dries up pretty quick as well and I find that you have to layer it a couple times to get the color of the bottle.


  1. Oh, I would love to try out that Hair Powder from Big Sexy hair. If I try it out, I will have to let you know.
    Love, Richelle of Lynn + Lou

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  4. Ooh, lots of great products to try!! I'm so cheap, I hardly ever buy beauty products, haha

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  6. I love big sexy hair's hairspray, and the nail polish color is so darling!
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  7. Beach please looks so cute! I love pink *-*

  8. I love pink!!!
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