I was looking through my closet and found this maxi skirt that I bought from forever21 months ago. You know that feeling when you try something on at the store and you love it until you try it on again at home? This skirt was definitely one of those buys and I’m still unsure about it but thought I’d put it to good use while it’s still nice and warm outside.
I plan to hem around it as soon as I stop being lazy.
Anyway, I ended up pairing it with a neon top just because the dull black makes me look like an old madre. :p I also paired it with gold heels and gold accessories. Let me know how you would style a black maxi skirt? Love to get ideas!

Shirt: boutique
Arm candy: Invicta watch, stud bracelet - the bay canada
Skirt: forever21
Heels: Zara


  1. This is great! I have been trying on maxi skirts all summer trying to find one that I like but nothing has worked for me. In my mind I would keep a bright color on top...since the skirt is long and not tight; maybe a close fitting tank with a print..leopard?!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I was thinking of getting one of those onuses from forever21 to put under...something tight and fitting!

  3. Do you use a tripod? lol when I try to take pictures, it's very awkward and when I try to get ppl to take pictures...they don't have the same vision as I do lol.

    1. I do! Is it obvious? hahah. My husband sometimes takes it when he's around....he doesn't have the same vision as I do. lol.


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